Influencer Marketing

Know your audience and go fishing where the fish swim. Bait the fish – not the sea.

Influencer marketing has been the hottest topic of social media marketing since social media marketing itself. The reason why it does so, lies in the previous statement itself: social media came about as a philanthropic initiative to connect people all over the world with each other, and with content that was unavailable in their local newspapers.

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Everything online, including websites, directories, encyclopedias, and blogging channels captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers, who consulted them on a daily basis to get unbiased reviews, opinions, and news about the world. Unsurprisingly, a few people came out providing that pool of information, a lot better than the others.

Around the same time, corporates were dying to find new ways to target the young demographic. It is one thing to target the client, but it’s another to tap the consumer. The two may be exclusive entities – the latter having to rely on the former to make purchase decisions for the former, because of a lack of information. Imagine the number of people who’d know of your products, if everyone who had to buy them could see them! In 2019, Instagram had over a billion users, 80 percent of whom followed a business. A whopping 75 percent of these discovered new products through their ‘idols’ on Instagram. In the present scenario, more than 70% of those who use any form of social media platform claim, that they make their purchase decisions based on the people that they follow.

You could blink ads in front of them-but Gen Z, being the smarter generation, has consciously blocked the ‘sponsorship’ tag out of their mind. What has successfully infiltrated into their feeds, however, is the familiar voice of a digital friend, sitting thousands of miles away reviewing make- up/video games, while talking to their webcam. Their eyes widen with admiration for the rich, ‘lit’ fantasy that their ‘role models’ live. These influencers aren’t celebrities in the eyes of the consumers – they’re only slightly famous individuals, living a slightly better life than them. These influencers aren’t celebrities with DSLRs – they’re college students or a next-door guy/girl with a phone. They have a life that’s relatable and attainable at the same time – if only you purchased the few things that they had, such as that damn iPhone.

Causality is the key – influencers have spent years establishing the casual, I-woke-up-like-this lifestyle, that people are willing to spend thousands on, to attain. Influencer marketing is a beautiful bond between the word of mouth marketing and the power of social media. The trust that they establish as thought leaders in their industry, builds loyal followership, that consults them on a daily basis, with regards to their niche.

How can we help you?

We understand social media, and we will quickly understand you. What platforms will be relevant for you? Which influencers should you work with? What do bloggers need to say about you? Our dependable and strong relationships with some of the most sought-after brand advocates and influencers also come in handy. Over the years of having worked with top brands, Team Momentum has curated a pool of over 2000+ influencers with a followership of over 200+ Million people, carefully divided into demographics, industries, costs, content, and their network further on. That means that we’ve got the audience, and their celebutante, ready to be floored by your product.

We follow the experiment with a report in the end, accurately graphing the end results of the association. This means that you have true insights about your campaign – without suspicious accounts with bots as followers, or those who incessantly try to populate their speech with keywords like spammy websites from 2006. You get real-time KPI’s to measure influencer performance across all social media channels, including their demographics, a tracked purchase system, and the Earned Media Value of the product.