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Amazon is all about understanding the buyer mentality, and maneuvering your content to correctly identify, portray and solve the issue on hand. Did you know that you need a fanny pack cum water bottle for your next bike trip across the city? Neither did we – but now, you’re going to go and google it, till you finally find the need to purchase it. Think about any trending item in the last few years – the charcoal face mask, wax beans, the infamous shaving blade, salicylic acid, AHA’s, and even something as useless as make-up that’s not make-up, it’s just your skin, only better (we’re lookin’ at you, glossier).

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The reason that brands are able to influence the market so well is Amazon. A majority of people who buy merchandise online, consult Amazon for their next purchase – they’re literally, on the website to get influenced. They’re in the mind to buy – but a sea of a million products can make it difficult for you to stand out. Amazon, (this applies to all the eCommerce websites) operates on a (not so) simple algorithm that simply cares only about the buyer. Everything from landing amongst the first results of the Amazon SERPs to choosing the right form of display ad, all focus on solving the query of the buyer. Amazon has more prime members than non-prime – it has to justify their conscience of having paid an extra $100 for free-shipping.

The good thing about that is, that Amazon has begun to hand over the advertising reigns to third-party sellers. Rather than having Amazon filter your content and the relevance of your product, you can now market it directly to your customers. At a time like this, you need someone seasoned and wise who knows their way around target marketing. Amazon’s marketing platform is as detailed as Google’s – although intriguing, your best bet would be, to optimally utilize your presence.

Momentum takes care of your brand, by providing you a 360-degree service. From creating your brand’s presence to following up on leads, Momentum ensures quality conversions through their personalized AMS. AMS is a cost-effective way to drive sales through people who are already running on the ‘shopper’s impulse’. Through the right kind of blend of the all the components of AMS, Momentum ensures that your brand creates a progressive demand online.

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