Business Support Services

Give weight to the core. For the rest but relevant, take the weight off your shoulders.

There are many business functions that are relevant to your brand, but you may either not have the bandwidth or the required know-how to do everything yourself. And you don’t have to. Play to your strengths and delegate the rest to someone who understands them and has the slot for them. Business support services are not revolutionary. They have existed for some time, but the current lean organizational structures amidst a hypercompetitive environment have only intensified their need.

We have a great deal of experience handling business support functions that are critically process-driven, time-consuming, and are dealt with a lot of accuracy. Many of these have direct financial bearing on the business. Our proficient team has experience in managing high-value transactions for clients as part of our payroll management mandate. We also have experience in managing payroll as a third- party employer. Our understanding enables us to replicate similar precision and productivity for your business. We also provide loyalty programs to convert existing customers into regular customers of the brand.

Our business support services include:

Payroll Management

Save Time, Ease Out Work Processes and Manage Critical Tasks Efficiently!

Processing payroll is a tedious task that is complicated and time-consuming. Businesses have realized that in-house payroll activities reduce their focus from revenue-generating tasks and serving valuable customers. Payroll outsourcing is an ideal solution to bring efficiency in the work processes.

At Momentum, we provide third-party payroll management services for easy management of administrative tasks and compliance regulations. Our skilled team has experience in solving payroll tasks challenges and resolve employee queries. As a leading third-party payroll services provider, we ensure businesses get more time to concentrate on their core functions that will drive revenue.

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Loyalty Programs

A chain is as strong as its weakest link— stronger the link, better is the result.

A stupendous number of brands depend upon their channel and distribution network to reap the benefits of their branding and marketing endeavours. A disgruntled distributor or reseller can be a big challenge. Similar to consumer-to-consumer interactions that create perceptions about a brand, reseller-to-reseller interactions can have serious implications on sales. A channel partner is a conduit between a brand and a consumer and any blockage in this conduit can lead to backflow, leakage, or total disruption of a perfectly functional loop. Brands must do whatever they can to close this loop so that they can translate marketing efforts into direct sales.

We have an extensive experience of working with distributors, channel partners, and resellers. We believe they are a big influence on the consumer’s buying decision. They represent a brand at retail level. Their happiness and education is very important. They must be fully aware of what is happening within a brand, what are the new products and offerings, what will be relevant for their customers, how can they sell those solutions. We have worked very closely with the distribution network and are fully aware of their needs and challenges, and this allows us to suggest and implement channel marketing strategies that are extremely relevant to your business. At Momentum, we analyze the existing loyalty programs of brands in the context of the current environment and determine how to optimize it to boost performance.

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